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Help for Parents

Being a parent is a tough job. It's hard to always feel confident, always be sure just what to do, and never get angry or frustrated. Fortunately, parents have been going through these things since, well, since there have been parents. (Don't believe us? Look it up: the ancient Greeks considered their kids lazy and complained that they were writing on public walls. Graffiti is a Greek word!)

There's a lot of help and wisdom available but sometimes it's hard to know where to turn -- or even to find the time to begin to look. We've compiled some resources that we think may help.

  • Articles of Interest to Parents These articles discuss the benefits of daycare and how to get the most out of it.
  • Online Resources for Parents Feeling angry, frustrated, at your wit's end, or just wondering what to do? Experts provide lots of practical advice in this section. Warning: some of it will make you laugh out loud!
  • Photo Gallery If you're feeling cranky or just need a boost, check out our photo gallery. It will help!